Set Up and Commissions

1.  Complete “welcome to myshoppinggenie team” section above, making sure all steps are finished.

This is the first step to setting up your Genie and capitalising from all of the Pay Per  Click and affiliate income.

2. Enrol 2 people in your first 72 hours. Note: if you fail to do this you will receive the reward once you have personally sponsored 4 people.

Once this is done you will earn 20% of your personally enrolled distributors pay per click income

3. Give away 10 Genies

The company state that on average you earn $3 per month for every Genie that you give away. This means that when you give away 10 Genies, you will earn around $30 which will pay for your $29 a month maintenance!!!

4. Enrol a further 2 people, so you have 4 personally enrolled distributors

For every 2 people you enrol you earn $100, now when you have 4 people, you have £200, which means that will pay for your outlay of $199 Also it is one of the requirements to reach the first rank of power distributor!!

5. Have 12 people in your personal enrolment tree in your first 12 days

You will then become a power distributor and if it done within your first 12 days then you will earn a share in the power bonus pool, (2% of the company’s pay per click income) If not done in your first 12 days then you will qualify for this when you reach Global Power Distributor. Teach your downline to get 2 in 72 hours to build quickly. Once you have 4 people who do this you will have 12 in your enrolment , you will have 12 in your enrolment tree (4 x 2 plus 4 =12).

How to earn an Amazing Income

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC income is generated for you every time someone uses the FREE Genie you gave them to shop at many of the top shopping, comparison and coupon site on the web. This gives you the user of the FRE Genie access to hundreds of millions of competitively-priced products from hundreds of outlets and millions of online printable coupons. When they use the FREE Genie you gave them to click on links to these products coupons and offers you get paid! There is no limit to the amount of pay-per-click commissions active. Distributors can earn each month.

Quick Commissions

Quick commission is designed to quickly reward those distributors just getting started and those who are building a big business personally sell two Genie Distribution Licenses and you earn $100 in quick commission. Not once, not twice, but every time you personally sell two new Genie Distribution Licenses, you earn£100. There's no deadline or maximum number of distribution licenses that you can sell.

20% Click Override Bonus

Active distributors will get paid a 20% click Override Bonus on the pay-per-click income earned by their personally-enrolled distributors from their FREE Genie users. These bonuses will be paid on a monthly basis. The purpose of this bonus is to give Distributors an incentive to help their personally-enrolled Distributors create more users and to help these optimise their shopping saving experience.

A Distributor can qualify for the Click Override Bonus selling two Genies Distribution Licenses within the first 72 hours of their enrolment or when the Distributor has sold four new Distribution Licenses. There is no limit to the amount of click Override Bonus commissions active Distributors can earn each month.

Search Saving!!

  • I then look at an Ipad 32gb 3g, which retails at “apple” and major stores £599.00, Again I searched by using the shoppinggenie, and found the same Ipad for £474.00. The best feature of this is that it is totally free to have this application.


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