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This website says it offers free software that searches the internet for the best deals for anything you search for. It also appears that this company's "distributors" make money just by giving away the free software.

After thoroughly reviewing the My Shopping Genie Income Opportunity against other leading make-money-online; make money from home, affiliate marketing, and home-based business programs. Anԁ after testing strict criteria such as how much you can earn; how much you have and ease of usage. We also reviewed, Distributor Support, customer satisfaction, and finally came to this conclusion:

You really can earn a living with the Shoppinggenie! We are that confident you will save and make money. Anyone one who joins our TEAM as a “Distributor” who fails to use this software,


If YOU can’t make money with the shoppinggenie, it’s probably because you `re not trying too hard. That’s why we work as a TEAM. And there is no `I` in `TEAM'. We help one another.


After seeing my own results, and as well as surveying both the distributors, consumers who have downloaded and used the shoppinggenie.  We would recommend myshoppinggenie program.

Why? Let’s explain:

The Product:

Myshoppinggenie Software is `touted` to be able to find the best prices for any items, whatever you want, instantly. This is basically giving you the consumer “discounts”, on just about everything.

We can say this!

The does what it says it does, `FACT`!

The “Genie” instantly finds, organizes and presents the best prices for almost any item. You search for, thereby giving you the control on how much money you want to spend on any goods or service! Like it or not you save money.

The Oppertunity:

Myshoppinggenie offers multiple stream of residual income, however, if you’re one of those `gifted`  who has the desire, determination and goals you will soon see there are hidden income streams with this concept.

Myshoppinggenie: `Income Stream;

1. Use the ‘Genie’.

Saving 18%, 39%, even 67% off the items you were going to purchase ANYWAY is the equivalent of giving yourself a “tax-free” Raise!  THINK ABOUT IT!

2. Paid-per-click.

The ShoppingGenie’s integration with online companies: Biz-Rate,, and Aѕ ‘Myshoppinggenie’ Distributors earn passive pay-per-click income.

3. CPA Income

Myshoppinggenie distributors earn CPA income whilst searching for the best prices for their items. There are many free offers available for items or a service which adds to the income.  Some of these offers are actually Free-Trial CPA offers which earns the Distributor, extra income should the consumer decide to sign-up for the free trial.

4. Affiliate Commissions

MyShoppingGenie Software is also “loaded” with the most powerful, well-known and respected Affiliates Program in the world! Programs like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Tesco’s, and many others Commission Junction (This brings other affiliate opportunities!), Underground Bargains, You simply plug-in Your Affiliate information and  you’re  in business.

5. Commissions Earner.

The ‘Genie’ has a Co-Branding feature that allows you to effectively promote anything you want! It gives  everyone an excellent opportunity to advertise their own product, service, or opportunity, just like we are doing!

6. Compensation Plan

This income opportunity comes with a multi-level marketing structured compensation plan. This plan is set up to be easy to use, and pay your commissions without delay. For those entrepreneurs, this opportunity is perfect!  Whilst you are reading this information there are many distributors at the same time making money.

It does not matter what type of person you are, everyone can use this software and system to earn some money. How much money you earn is up to you!
I hope this information helps you to make a decision as to whether or not to join our TEAM.  Myshoppinggenie is a unique concept that benefits the consumer and the distributor. The consumer save money on items they were going to purchase anyway and you make commissions by giving away your FREE applications. We recommend to ANYONE to download a Genie.


It’s now time for you to make up your mind, download the FREE application and try the system. You will save money without doubt on items you were going to purchase anyway. This can be used worldwide which shows there is really no limits.

If you want to earn commissions by giving away FREE applications continuously month after month, you will need to purchase a license and become a distributor.

You have just been presented an opportunity to save time and money, also the chance to make some money. Now it’s up to YOU.

We would like to thank you for downloading our FREE application Genie and we know you will save money.

Search Saving!!

  • I then look at an Ipad 32gb 3g, which retails at “apple” and major stores £599.00, Again I searched by using the shoppinggenie, and found the same Ipad for £474.00. The best feature of this is that it is totally free to have this application.


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