How to Use Genie

Install the Genie:

1. Visit the web site of the distributor (U-compare) who referred you to the Myshoppingenie.

2. You will be directed to our distributor page, scroll to the bottom to confirm name: David John Else. Scroll half way up.

3. You will see to blue buttons a) Classic Version, b) Enhanced Version. Select your choice and click to download FREE. (suggest Classic)

4. Run or Save the application.

run or save the application

5. Follow the wizard to complete the installation.

genie wizard

6. At the bottom of your page you will see the Genie bar;

genie bar

7. If not please “restart”, your computer.

8. Click options in the Genie Bar “Options”

genie bar options

9. Once you enter your city and state, you can then use the Genie to find businesses and services in and near your local city using the Google Maps feature located on the Genie interface called Maps.

Using the Compare Feature

The Genie instantly finds the best deals and lowest prices on millions of products through major online retailer and auction sites, to instantly find the lowest prices by comparing products, product reviews and merchant deals from thousands of top online merchants.

How to use Genie:

10. Enter the item description into Google – click search – Genie pos up at the bottom of you screen; Now you have several options

genie bar

11. You can click on the companies names on the Genie and compare prices or click “options”;

genie compare window

12. When you click `Go`- six other major companies load, then you again can compare prices. You can also click the circle Icon which load four major search engines.

genie bar

13. You can also click the “Genie” which takes you to a window with the cheapest item directly. This is our preferred method.

genie bar

Click the myshoppinggenie on the left of the bar and you will be directed to our page. This exsplains how to become a distributor. Once you have registered and received your license our staff will contact you and explain the next stage, so you can also receive commission for giving away FREE Genie applications.

Search Saving!!

  • I then look at an Ipad 32gb 3g, which retails at “apple” and major stores £599.00, Again I searched by using the shoppinggenie, and found the same Ipad for £474.00. The best feature of this is that it is totally free to have this application.


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