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Webinars are a GREAT way to show people the business when people are not local or cannot get to an event. Also, if your local event is a few days away, you can always use webinars to make sales in between events....

Webinar Schedule…

Webinars are held EVERY Monday and Thursday nights at 9pm UK time.  In addition to this, Wednesdays, 11am UK time/8pm Australian East Coast Time.

To register a guest, simply enter their details in yourself, OR cut and paste the link below, and send it to your guest.  Upon registration, your guest will receive a UNIQUE link that they have to click on 5 minutes before the scheduled webinar time.  Each link is unique and should NOT be shared.
(WEDS 11am UK/8pm AUS East Coast TIME)

Search Saving!!

  • I then look at an Ipad 32gb 3g, which retails at “apple” and major stores £599.00, Again I searched by using the shoppinggenie, and found the same Ipad for £474.00. The best feature of this is that it is totally free to have this application.


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